Friday, February 12, 2016

A Day @Pearl Academy!

Entering Fashion Industry was never a part of my plan from the beginning. But once I started blogging while still graduating from a business school, my interest towards fashion started growing roots. It was Pearl Academy of Fashion who gave the budding dream a sense of direction and shaped my future. The two years I spent there with an extremely amazing and well trained faculty helped me find my way through all the mess and a big credit goes to them for what I am today. 

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A few weeks earlier, I received a mail from my former college inviting me to spend a day at Pearl, where prospective students will be coming to the campus and witness life in a day of a Pearlite. They get to attend exciting workshops, take campus tours and meet the counsellors for an interactive session. 

My role was to feel like a student again and be a part of this creative day. I could attend workshops of my choice, meet the faculty, interact with them, take campus tours and also witness the work done by the existing students and towards the end, give my feedback as a role model for young fashion aspirants. I was more than ready to be a part of this activity. It was an exciting opportunity for me to revisit my college after 3 years as sort of a role model! 

Students from various schools and colleges around the city were invited to spend a day @ Pearl. On the arrival, the students are asked to change to a bright red T-shirt provided by Pearl Academy with a message – ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’. Post that they were briefed about Pearl Academy, various UG and PG courses available and about the new age career one can build. Priya Mary Mathew, Head, School of Creative Business at Pearl Academy helped in moderating the sessions.  The students were then taken for campus visit where they witnessed the facility and well equipped Delhi campus. The bunch was then divided and workshops by Pearl faculty on different subjects were conducted to give them  flavor of oozing creativity a Pearlite submerges into. Towards the end, each student received a certificate of participation. Below is the list of workshops and faculty who conducted them:-

Name of workshop
# of Students
Trends spring summer 2016 to suit your body types
Shalini Gupta / Vasundhara/ Mohan
Communication Design
Stop Motion Animation
Ridhi and her team
Interior Design
Interiors in a Shoe Box
Rashim Mahajan
Creative Thinking

Being there as a blogger and role model was an unique experience. I got to attend the workshops and I particularly loved the styling workshop, so much so that the faculty who was showing me around had to pull me out of there but I did not budge until the end. The stop motion animation workshop was also very interesting. The students were using a shoe box to cut and mould it in a way that it tells a story. It was a day full of fun and creativity and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. 

If you want to have a career in fashion, the forms for Pearl Academy are out now. So grab the opportunity and get into one of India's top fashion schools. You will get the best of faculty and guidance and being an alumni, I can give you my word for it!