Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Travel in style!

DSC_4903 DSC_4910 DSC_4923 DSC_4933 DSC_4948 DSC_4949 DSC_4952 DSC_4958 DSC_4970
{Maxi Dress - SheInside, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Forever 21}

After an exuberant week spent at my hometown with my whole family, I returned to an extremely hot and sunny Delhi. I think the term 'hot and bothered' is more appropriate for the climatic conditions in this city than for a boy situation. I can't even imagine how much more warmer it will get in the next few months, actually I can imagine, it's just that I don't want to *switches on air conditioning*.

It's the perfect time to plan a little getaway holiday and I am already making plans of getting out of the city for a bit. With holiday planning comes along the dilemma of what to wear while travelling! While most of the girls are plain denim and t-shirt kinda girl, I like to take a different route and switch up my style game during holidays. Coz hey, if you are on a holiday, you are bound to be clicking pictures and would you want all your pictures, that you might look back to along with your grandchildren someday, to feature a tired face with sloppy outfits? I don't think so. While holidays are more about enjoying with friends and family and living in the moment, it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to apply some kohl and lipstick and put on pretty clothes. Just do it for the sake of your grandkids, ok!

This outfit would be perfect for exploring your holiday destination in a stylish way. Maxi dresses are easy going and they are a whole outfit in themselves. Not to mention, they make you look slimmer and chic-er in no time. Opt for comfortable shoes like flats, wedges or small block heels coz exploring a city is mostly a walking job. As far as accessories are concerned, I would just take a large tote bag that can carry my essentials and a camera. And you are set!


Location: Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish 

Pic: Vaibhav Sachdeva

Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Amazon Fashion Week Diary


The new venue of the fashion week definitely brought some newness to the experience minus the grandeur but all in all, I was very happy with the choice of new location as it was hardly 10-15 minutes drive from my place. I have been in two states of mind lately when it comes to attending fashion weeks and skipped last two seasons partly but this time around I wanted to get back in the fashion scene and explore new trends, street style and some fresh designers while catching up with all  my fashionable peeps.

Accounting Day 3 at AIFW as a PopXo blogger, was a fun experience as there were lots of good shows along with first ever solo menswear show. It was awe-spiring to see all our fabulous young men carrying the garments with such panache and the turn out of the crowd was amazing! So, let's begin the saga of Day 3...

DSC_1379 DSC_1383 DSC_1396 DSC_1384 DSC_1397 DSC_1393 DSC_1401 DSC_1407 DSC_1490
{Maxi dress - Anupamaa Dayal, Bag - Pratinava, Ring/Earcuff- H&M, Sunglasses - Aldo, Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Intoto}

I wore a stunning kaftan style maxi dress by Anupamaa Dayal. The color was way too bright for my current taste but when worn, it looked gorgeous and fetched me a lot more compliments than any other day during the fashion week! Comfort is a big factor while styling the looks during these 5 days of fashion frenzy as there are back to back shows and a lot of walking. You cannot be not comfortable throughout the day else you wouldn't enjoy a single show fidgeting in your own clothes. This super comfy outfit along with the comfy flats helped me glide through the day without any fickle of an issue.

Now, as I had mentioned earlier, it was the day when we witnessed solo menswear shows for the first time. It was hard to pick my favourite but Antar-Agni and Divyam Mehta definitely stood out with their simplistic lines yet interesting details. The garments were beautifully styled and well adorned with just the right amount of accessories and obviously the gorgeous men made it even more easy on the eyes. Few of my top favourites:

DSC_1754 DSC_1755

Our favourite model Rohmaan Shawl was definitely a sight in this befittingly magnificent outfit by Divyam Mehta!

DSC_1567 DSC_1632

The asymmetrical kurtas by Antar-Agni definitely put a delightful spin on the whole kurta pyjama scene and upped the men's style game to a a whole new level!


Rohit Kamra's collection was a trail of bespoke royal outfits but somehow it reminded me of Shantanu Nikhil's collection from last season. Nonetheless, the collection looked good.

What really stunned was the show by Pankaj and Nidhi!
Inspired by military trends, the collection featured beautiful rich jewel tones adorned with apt embroidery. Every single outfit was stunning and they were all just flawless. Simply flawless. Starting from skater skirts to bejewelled gown, nothing disappointed! Take a look for yourself!

DSC_2455 DSC_2480 DSC_2647

The day ended with a fun menswear show put together by few of the very best designers. The likes of JJ Vallaya, Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna, Rohit Bal, Varun Behl, etc showcased five designs each and the upbeat music made all the day's tiredness totally worth it. A good end to a great day. That's rare!

DSC_2691 DSC_2870 copy

In collaboration with PopXo
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish 
Pic: Vaibhav Sachdeva

Sunday, March 6, 2016


DSC_6730 DSC_6724 DSC_6709 DSC_6685 DSC_6691
{Croptop - Forever 21, Trousers/Shoes - Zara, Bag - Da Milano, Watch - Michael Kors, Rings - H&M}

How fast is this year passing! We are already one week into March and I haven't even started spring cleaning my closet yet. I keep thinking I will do it tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. I guess I am just scared of making a huge mess and then not knowing what to get rid of. I have a little bit of hoarding tendency, you see. It's hard for me to give up on things even if I haven't used them for over an year or two!

As I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon writing this post, I just realised that I have all day free today except for the one hour of workout. It's time to just suck it and get started. Also, my sister is coming to town to visit me and stay with me for 10days(yay!) and I need the house to be absolutely clean. Today is the day to get my chaotic life in order. Let's get to it.


Location: The Grand Arch, Gurgaon
Photography: Vaibhav Sachdeva
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish 

Footwear for spring

There's no arguing that shoes are the unsung heroes of any outfit, and it was no different for those strutting down the red carpet of the Oscars. Flawless celebrities might be able to draw you in with a jaw-dropping gown or a tux that fits like a glove, but the shoes make you want to stay and stare for a while.

If you missed some of the fabulous shoes strutting down the aisle, Footwear News covered styles worn by everyone from Olivia Munn and Sarah Silverman, to Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington. Do yourself a favor and take special note of Kate Winslet's Christian Louboutin Follie Draperia pumps. Not only are they stunning, they perfectly nail the sheer trend that's so popular right now.

Aside from a few pumps, after looking through the compilation of styles, it's no surprise that sandals owned the night given the season. Thankfully, even those of us who don't have a red carpet penciled into our schedules can take advantage of the newfound designs. If you look at the different styles highlighted in women's designershoe collections, you can see the subtle transition of winter shoes to warm-weather styles that is starting to take over.

For those of you who haven't switched over your own wardrobe yet, there are a few looks you'll want to add to your shoe collection this spring and summer. For a good head start on the trends, remember that glitz equals glamour. Sure, they might seem reminiscent of the shoes you wore to your prom, but there's no arguing that fashion is cyclical. The more rhinestones, jewels, glitter, and overall sparkly things you can sport on your shoes, the better.

Another shoe style on therise is the pointed toe heel. This retro style is great for making your legs look longer with a high, medium, and even a low or kitten heel attached. You can make the heel look its best by pairing it with a fashionable midi or a knee-length, high-waisted skirt.

Finally, don't overlook a pair of gladiator sandals for the upcoming season. They're comfy, breezy, and their unique look makes them a statement piece for any outfit. Plus, you can't deny that wearing them makes you feel like some kind of powerful warrior. Try them with a short skirt or a romper to maximize the effect.

Shoes can make or break your outfit, so don't be afraid to give them the attention they deserve this season. Your wardrobe will thank you for it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ornati by Farah Khan for everyday indulgence

It's a given that wearing chunky jewellery might not be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to casual everyday outfits. And for me, accessorising can make or break the outfit so for casual outings, I resort to delicate pieces which can add character to the complete look and still be light and appropriate for daytime. 

How many times during dressing up in the morning, you just feel lazy and want to wear the first thing in the closet that you can put your hands on? I bet it happens more than once in a while! The really easy way to glam up these quick looks would be to add some sparkle. I have fallen for the new Ornati by Farah Khan collection that CaratLane has come up with which is reminiscent of everyday glamour.

With Ornati, CaratLane presents an exclusive Farah Khan collection of jewellery that embodies the spectacular beauty of fine jewellery, without compromising on their persistent vision of making beautiful jewellery which is accessible, affordable and forever wearable.

Ornati is a work of art by Farah Khan, inspired by the fun-loving, fearless and feminine charm of every youthful heart. It is a selection of ornate and adventurous designs, with real connection to the women who inspire them. Each collection is diverse in terms of inspiration, aesthetics and story.

Within Ornati, there are three main collections - Pastel Petals, Ayin and Sonnet priced from Rs.8000/- onwards. I felt a strong affinity towards the Pastel Petals and Ayin collection, so much so that I styled two of my everyday outfits with these pretty pieces.

Pastel Petals
DSC_4587 copy DSC_4589 DSC_4597 DSC_4593 DSC_4638 DSC_4604 DSC_4646 DSC_4641 DSC_4647
{Skirt - Stalk Buy Love, Top/Blazer/Shoes - Forever 21, Watch - Michael Kors, Sunglasses - Vincent Chase, Jewllery - CaratLane (Ornati by Farah Khan)}

The stunning pastel jewellery perfectly complements the outfit and spells modern chic fashion. Pastel stones are not very common when it comes to indian diamond jewellery and I am so glad that CaratLane came up with such a wide variety in pastel colors which are so stunningly beautiful and can easily go from day to night! 

DSC_4679 DSC_4675 DSC_4670 DSC_4683 DSC_4660 DSC_4668 DSC_4658 DSC_4656 DSC_4654 DSC_4694 copy DSC_4650
{Shirt/Shorts/Sunglasses - H&M, Shoes - Marks and Spencer, Jewellery - CaratLane (Ornati by Farah Khan)}

Wearing an evil eye to keep away the negative energy has become sort of a new trend. This collection couldn't have launched at a better time! There are so many pieces to choose from if you want to sport this trend in your everyday outfits, ranging from necklaces to bracelets, there's something for everyone. I styled these three of my favorite pieces from the collection with a very casual summer outfit and I love how it keeps the look natural and day appropriate but adds the quintessential glamour that it needed. 

If you also want to step into the new season with all the everyday glamour you need, do check out the collection and indulge yourself in some everyday sparkle!


In collaboration with PopXo
Location: Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish 
Pic: Vaibhav Sachdeva