Saturday, April 9, 2016

Call It Spring

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Along with Spring came a new shoe brand in Delhi, you can "Call It Spring". No seriously, that's the brand name. Though the brand is not all that new; it was founded in 1991 in Canada and has its chains across the United States. The founder is none other than Albert "Aldo" Bensadoun, the founder and CEO of the Aldo group. Sounds familiar? ;)

At a more affordable range than Aldo, Call It Spring has a variety of shoe collection ranging from strappy shoes, open toe shoes, flats, sneakers for women to a vast range of collection for mens as well. Not only shoes, you will find amazingly well priced stylish bags also in the stores along with accessories and sunglasses!

I grabbed the opportunity to visit the store along with two of my blogger buddies and try on shoes and prance around in them. The shoes are stylish and comfortable as well. With the killer price range, the comfort factor was like a fresh breeze. I usually used to think, the expensive the shoes, the more comfortable they are but this brand broke this myth and how! 

If you all want to go check out this brand, it's located in DLF Promenade opposite Sephora. And if you visit the mall, don't forget to pay a visit to their kiosk setup in the middle of the mall where you can try on a pair, click a shoefie and get vouchers worth Rs.500/- instantly! So, go with your friends, make the most of this offer and get some kicks pairs for the new season! 

You can also buy the shoes online on Majorbrands!