Monday, May 30, 2016

A day in my life with Haptik!

Lately, I have been swamped with work and handling everything alone kind of becomes difficult when you don't have help. I have given some thought to getting an assistant but I also usually like working alone. Anyone's presence while I am going about my daily work routine disrupts my flow of thought and I don't hate that. So, when I got the chance to try out a new app which was a virtual personal assistant, I was kinda glad, and wanted to see how it works for me. I spent one day completely relying on this app and have documented the whole day to share with you guys.

The app I am talking about is called Haptik. The app is a personal assistant to get things done for you over chat. It's actually real people, completing real tasks, in real time so you don't have to scout the internet or browse through multiple apps on your phone. Right from making reservations, to booking appointments or finding and booking the cheapest flight, this app sorts you out with anything and everything. It's a lot like having a physical personal assistant do all your work! 

The idea of having a virtual assistant do all the work, help you out and save time all at once is definitely appealing. So, I started the day with setting a reminder to drink water. I have always been very negligent of this one task and if you ask my mother, she will tell you how negligent exactly. Yes, it's true that when I drink a lot of water, I am energised throughout the day, my skin feels hydrated, my metabolism is healthier and I am able to workout more at the gym. So, I set up a reminder on the app to remind me to drink water every two hours. 

There are a lot of other reminder options as you can see in the images above. The app sent me a message every two hours (or even calls if you tell them to) reminding me to drink water. This really did help, because I can’t really snooze a real personal trying to help me at my request. For some reason, I felt obliged to drink water as a way to respect the person for taking out the time & remind me to do something. 

Later on, I also needed to pay my phone bills and since Haptik allows you to do that, I went ahead and used this app instead of opening a whole new app for this one purpose. The payment gateway process is very simple and smooth and it took me mere a couple of minutes to be done with the chore. So far, I really like the idea of having one app for everything.

Now, came the most important part of the day when I needed to do a little shoot to create content for the blog. I realised I needed a new outfit and had to go online shopping. Instead of going over to Jabong, Koovs, Myntra or any other app, I asked my assistant for help. All I needed to tell them was my budget and what I was looking for and the assistant showed me options within a minute. I specifically told her my requirements and her next suggestions were more streamlined to what I was looking for. It was literally like chatting with a friend and telling them what you want! 

My dress was supposed to arrive the next day, but in the meanwhile there was another problem. I didn’t have a location for the shoot yet, and I was looking for a new place. So, I thought why not ask Haptik for a recommendation of a cosy cafe that had nice summer cocktails. I did that, and they recommended Cafe One Oak which was literally 5 minutes away but I had never heard of it. 
I was all set :)

Once I was done with my shoot and had some nice cocktails, I wanted to head for a movie. Now, usually I would go over to BookMyShow app but guess what, I didn't need it! Haptik was there for me again. I asked for movie reviews and timings and once I finalised on the movie, I asked my virtual assistant to book my tickets and voila! It was done. 

Now, before I head over to the theatre, I realised I can fall short of cash during the movie (I like my big basket popcorns). Again, Haptik was there to help. I just asked for the nearby ATM and immediately found out that there was one round the corner just outside the cafe. I am someone who is very hesitant to stop and ask people for directions and for the nearest atm, etc. So, this feature is great for me to avoid those awkward little conversations that mostly lead you nowhere or at wrong places. Remember, people will always give you directions, even if they don't know the directions!

All in all, I had a pleasant experience with Haptik. I am not gonna lie, my initial reaction was not very psyched. There are so many apps coming up these days that I don't even bother with them. But Haptik does this one thing which I like, it helps me get rid of all those 100 apps, all meant for a different purpose and just retaining this one app for most of my needs. This cleans up my phone memory and you have a one stop app for all your needs!

You can download the app by clicking here --> HAPTIK, it is available on both iOS and Android platforms :)

Get Things Done!



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