Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zen life with Asus Zenpad 7.0

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Being a blogger, I always need a phone, a lapotop and a camera on me. I have to document the clothes I am wearing, the food I am eating, intersting things I spot, street style, fashion inspiration and many times have to submit articles and reply to mails on the go. But honestly, it’s so tedious to carry all of these devices everywhere you go! I reviewed the ASUSZenpad previously and now after weeks of using it, I am beyond happy and content and thought why not share with you all the amazing ways it has improved my lifestyle!

First and foremost, it is super compact compared to any other tablets available in the market, it easily fits in all my clutches and even my LV Pochette and it's lightweight as well! I carried it around with me during fashion weeks, while grocery shopping, during movie and dinner dates, and never felt like I was carrying dead weight! I can check my Instagram in a bigger and better 7” screen, browse the internet, write a blogpost and even watch movies. It acts like a small laptop and you wouldn't believe how convenient that is!

With a 5MP camera and the amazing editing features that comes with it, it has made my life easier when it comes to updating my social media on a regular basis and not to mention, snapchatting! The selfies are way better with the virtual makeup kit. You can read more about the camera features in my review post HERE!

With so much fucions and usage, one has to wonder about the battery life.  But this is where the Zenpad 7.0 takes the cake. It has 8hr battery life with heavy internet usage. I can go all day talking and browsing the internet without having to worry about charging it.

And this product is not only good for work but also for play. Well, when I say play, I mean party :P
The Zenpad 7.0 comes with an audio cover with 5.1 channel surround sound which is good enough to provide music for a small get together with friends. And I have been watching movies with my besties on the Zenpad at night and the sound quality is crisp as it can be!

All in all, I would highly recommend #AsusZenPad to make your life a lot easier. The bigger screen than a phone and the ligher weight and price than a laptop, it definitely is a lifestyle necessity for me now!