Friday, June 3, 2016

John Players Jeans

Whether it's because of the summer vacations that the brands have started going strong on hosting events around this time or any other reason, I am having a great time attending them. So, the latest event that happened in town was hosted by the brand John Players at their main store outlet in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi where the bloggers came along to style up their male models in the new classic collection called John Player Jeans. This is the first time that the brand has introduced denim wear in their collection. If you are looking for wide range of options and smart fit, John Players provides that all. This S/S'16 collection offers its patrons with an infinite range of casuals, formals and denim. Every blogger borught out the best out of their model. After styling, all of us bloggers and our models got chance to play and goof around the area talking about their look and also about collection.

IMG_8993 IMG_4279 IMG_4285

My model, Sanad had a fun time (in his own words) styling looks with me. He is a football fanatic and got quite excited when he noticed all the props he could pose with. The idea was to showcase the men as not only stylish but also passionate about a hobby. All the men I personally know have inculcated a hobby or two that defines them. Aman is into fitness, extremely regular to gyms and very particular about his high-protein diet. Rohman is multi-talented with his many skills, few of them being singing, playing guitar, playing football, cricket, badminton and a lot of video games. My brother even, he is into guitars and video games. Anyway, coming back to the event itself, while there was no football, Sanad did play around with the basket ball and the pictures came out great, full of life and passion! I loved this idea of introducing props for the shoot.

IMG_4283 IMG_4291 IMG_9157

What type of denim you could find when you step in the store-
· Contemporary fits
· Lightweight
· Experimental washed
· Edgy styles
· Stretchable in feel
· Challenges the traditional element with the bold styling
· For Casual Summer Love, you could choose from the Summer Soul denim range which is high on style and light on weight
· For something cool, you could get inspired by Rock and Rolla look from the range which is just offered for you
· You could also get distinctive laser washes, metallic accents and zipper details too
· You could go out all graphic
· If you love dark shades, the True Dark range is tailored for your needs
· Denim is a perfect match for any mood and style
· The super soft fabrics of their Indigo Theatrics will give you a new look with every wash.

The best part of this collection is the perfect fit of fabrics that you will fall in love with. Here, you could never go wrong with what brand offers you. It celebrates every look, style and mood of a guy. So hurry up guys, visit the john player store near you and get Rs.300/- off on trying up the new denim range.


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