Thursday, June 9, 2016

Maxi dress and choker

IMG_4324 IMG_4323 IMG_4318 IMG_4343 IMG_4342IMG_4336
{Dress - Koovs, Necklace/Shoes - Forever 21, Bracelets - Accessorize, Sunglasses - Zara, Watch - Michael Kors, Bag - Louis Vuitton}

With the outfit, makeup and hair always on point, one could easily overlook the dwindling quality of skin and hair. I have fallen prey to this issue and my skin suffered with pimples and acne but with regular care and burning a hole in my wallet, I have somehow partially managed to bring back the flawless skin I used to have once upon a time. But hair... the damage that hair suffers is very difficult to mend. You can only become cautious of your hair's health and heed the warning signs of it's detrimenting quality. The measures I have taken towards the same involves a big part of avoiding heat and regular nourishing along with regular consumption of fish oil/omega-3 supplements. Now, my hair gets very frizzy and wavy sans heat styling so I have no option but to resort to blowdrying the front top sections that frame my face and let the rest of the hair to air-dry. This has also pushed me towards experimenting with and sporting new hairstyles. For a recent Wella event I attended, I put my hair in braids and surprisingly got a lot of appreciation from Patrick Cameron, one of the world's most renowned hairstylists and Wella's spokesperson for last 25 years. Apparently, side braids are very much in trend this season! Who knew the act of hair redemption will put me on the trending list!

Meanwhile, with the soaring temperature, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to put on a pair of pants and hence, I have been resorting to dresses and shorts. This blue maxi dress is by Spring Break and I had shared pictures of the outfit last Monday on my Snapchat (Srishsfe) and got more than 50 screenshots and messages asking me where did I get it from. You can buy it from! There you go, made your Thursday a little better, didn't I? And if not, cheer up anyway, weekend is near!