Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lazy Sunday with LeTV X3-55 SuperTV

All my Sundays somewhat look the same. I get up late, order in instead of cooking, spend the day in bed, watch back-to-back movies and skip gym and just workout at home. And now, I have found my perfect companion for a super lazy Sunday: SuperTV by LeEco!

It has honestly changed my life. I don't know what I was doing without it till now. Forget snuggling up with a guy, I would rather snuggle up with this TV's remote! All.Day.Long! Errydayyyy! 

IMG_5245 IMG_5240

Okay, you might think I have gone crazy, it's just a TV after all! Every house has one! But, that's where you are wrong. It's not just a TV. It is a comprehensive gadget which can do a TV's job, a laptop's job as well as a phone's job! You can literally do anything! And the screen in so big and the display, crystal clear so that you would feel like you are transported into a different world altogether. 

I would not go into much details about the specifications and technicalities, you can read all about it HERE. I would rather focus on its features which are amazing, to sum up in one word.


To begin with, it has a clean design and easy-to-use interface, an efficient operating system and built-in wifi. As soon as you connect the TV to your wifi, you have a million options to explore. This SuperTV offers 150+ premium Live channels and 2000+ Full HD movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. Perfect if you are a big movie fanatic like me. I have been watching movies non-stop. 


The LeStore offers apps and games that you can download just like you would in an App Store(iOS) or Play Store(Android). I downloaded YouTube, Music app, Radio, Workout app, and so on. I can literally play workout videos on the big screen and do my workout at home.

Another of my favourite feature is connecting my phone to the TV through the AirBuddy app and I can view all my media be it images or videos on the SuperTV! 

IMG_5313 IMG_5296

I could go on and on about what all you can do on this TV but I would encourage you to check it out yourself if you are planning to buy a new TV. In the 55" segment, it is one of the best TVs in the market right now and plus, they keep coming up with amazing Flash sales during which you can get amazing deals!

To see a glimpse of what this SuperTv can do, check out the video:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The New Era of Fashion

Comfort has finally made us all realise it's importance and the white sneakers trend that has taken the world by storm is a solid proof of the same. While I am no enemy to high heels, I absolutely love the power it has to take a regular outfit notches higher, straighten the body posture and give you the height your parents couldn't; it does not bode well for your feet. And how much can you hurt those body parts which helps you stand tall in front of the world? Innumerable times I have suffered the wrath of high heels if worn for more than a couple of hours. It takes a toll on your ability to stand! My mood shifts enormously and I get irritated and tensed easily. Sneakers and flat shoes in general have freed me to hours of fun and socialising without shifting my attention from what's really important: Enjoying life!

Fashion is important and there are formal occasions which absolutely demands the presence of heels. No denying, it boosts your confidence and helps you stand straight but till it is absolutely required, I am opting to say buh-bye to the sky-high pencil heels!

Praise thy sneakers!

VIN_2459 VIN_2460 VIN_2465 VIN_2454 VIN_2475
{Shorts/Tank Top - Forever 21, Jacket - Marks and Spencer, Choker - Aashima Behl, Ring/Shoes - H&M, Belt - Koovs}


Location - The Grand, New Delhi
Makeup - Supreet Dhillon
Photography: Vinay Singh Tomar

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Shirt dress

While the fashion world is besotted by the body cons and avant-garde gowns, my personal favourite remains the classic old shirt dress which spells the classic laid-back chic. The simple sophistication of an impeccably crisp and extra large button-up cannot be denied on any terms. It is flattering on all body types given the right styling. After all, a well-crafted piece of menswear always adds a little androgyny and power to an ensemble, while the easy-going shape is perfect for those who have an devil-may-care attitude when it comes to their wardrobes!

Another desirable element of this particular piece is that even amidst a celeb-centric fashion era, it doesn't feel faddish. On the contrary, the shirt dress is both timeless and versatile. It can look just as sharp over a bikini as it can on a cocktail satin shorts! The trick is to keep the silhouette loose and not ultra-tailored or body-con and pick a breathable fabric like cotton for the perfect look.

IMG_4953 IMG_4955 IMG_4947 IMG_4943 IMG_4942 IMG_4941 IMG_4935 IMG_4931
{ Shirt dress/Earrings - H&M, Ring - Koovs}

I personally like to style my shirt dresses in a relaxed and casual vibe while I put my hair in a low classic bun to amplify the chic factor and finish off with a swipe of my favourite red lipstick. You can pair the look with heels if you are going for a fancy lunch or brunch date with your guy or the girls, and add some white sneakers if you are taking this look out for shopping or fashion weeks.


Location - The Grand, New Delhi
Makeup - Supreet Dhillon

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ethnic Wardrobe: How to never repeat your Indian attire!

With the year halfway gone, it's soon going to be the time for festivities and weddings. While I am gearing up for these traditional events, I am sure you must all be struggling with similar issues, the first one being: how much spending is justified on ethnic outfits? You can wear your anarkalis and lehangas three-four times and spending a bomb on your outfit for a distant cousin's wedding can really make you shed invisible tears! 

Craftsvilla offers an affordable and a vast range of ethnicwear options that you would never get tired of! The expensive and tiresome task of preparing for a wedding function  can be reduced to simple joys of sitting home and ordering 4-5 looks without creating a hole in your pocket!

Craftsvilla enables you to have access to an unending wardrobe at the best price possible while still offering you #LatestSeLatest fashion. Pick any trend, be it high neck blouses, embroidery over velvet or bandhgala kurtas, you can find it all here! Solid colors with embroidery is my personal favorite while my sister loves the floral prints with contrast embroidery and this online platform offer both! 

Being an avid online shopper, I urge you all to stop by and check out the cast collection on Craftsvilla and I am sure you will find not one or two but at least ten things you would want to buy immediately!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

OPPO F1s: Review and comparison selfie images

OPPO never fails to amaze and this time they are blowing our mind with the new #SelfieExpert camera phone OPPO F1s. Now, you might think, the Oppo F1 was pretty good and so was the F1 Plus when it came to clicking selfies right? Well, when it seemed there couldn't be a better selfie camera, OPPO came through and again introduced the best device and honestly the only device you need if you are a selfie lover!


Available in Silver and Gold color for only Rs.17,990/-, this phone is equipped with the best of the best selfie camera. The front camera is a whopping 16MP camera while the rear camera also doesn't dissapoint with 13MP.


- Android OS, V5.1(lollipop)
- Octa-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A53
- 32GB[3GB RAM] Memory expandable upto 256GB
- 5.5inches screen size
- Corning Gorilla Glass 4

The USP feature of the phone is doubtlessly the camera. Check out few images for a clearer insight!

Taken form the rear camera

Now that it's established that the rear camera is amazing, let's take a look at the flawless selfies this phone takes. And please keep in mind, I haven't edited or retouched any of the images below AT ALL!

OppoF1s Selfie

And now for some comparison selfies with the latest phones in market, Samsung A7 and iPhone6:

Samsung A7 vs OppoF1s iPhone vs OppoF1s

I do not think I need to explain more, the images do all the talking. The selfies are brighter, clearer and so much more beautiful than the ones taken by Samsung A7 or iPhone6. There is no comparison at all and I would any day pick OPPO F1s over these super expensive phones!

If you do not believe me, go to any phone retailer which sells OPPO phones and compare the selfies for yourself!


Wella EIMI Range: Root Mousse, Dry Shampoo and BB Lotion Review

In my opinion, if you are stepping out of the house, your hair always needs to look good even if you are not wearing any makeup. Good hair always makes a huge difference in how you look and how people perceive you. Being a blogger myself, I cannot afford to have a bad hair day! And especially, oily hair is a big no-no for me! Hence, I am always on the lookout for new hair products that would help me achieve the voluminous big sexy hair goals that I have always had!

Wella announced the launch of the EIMI range and especially the dry shampoo through Patrick Cameron, one of the very famous celeb hairstylist, in a bloggers meet few weeks ago. I have since then been waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep and last week they did! I have been using these products since then and I absolutely love love love them!

With these three products in my hairstyling ritual, I do not need anything else. 


I start with applying a big dollop of the Root Shoot Mousse (Price:Rs.900/- for 200ml) into the roots of my hair when it's only towel dried but still slightly wet. Once I work that in, I blast the hair dryer for about 5-6 minutes and I get amazing volume. The hair is bouncy and soft and this bounce lasts the whole day! 
I use the Perfect Me BB Lotion (Price: Rs.900/- for 100ml) in the end to tame all the flyways and it makes my hair soft and moisturized and takes care of all the frizz. Especially in this humid rainy weather, this product is a boon! 


The Dry Me Shampoo (Price: Rs.900/- for 180ml) is ideal for second day hair when the natural oils start to slightly seep in and makes the bounce go away. The flat hair can then be revived with this dry shampoo. I spray thrice, back, left and right on the roots of the hair and leave it in for 10 minutes after which I brush it out and it soaks up all the oil and makes my hair all fresh and bouncy again. 

I love using this product after my workout sessions to banish all the oil and sweat and to avoid washing my hair every single day. And it always works like a charm leaving my hair looking and smelling fresh!

IMG20160202004253 IMG20160202005029

If I had to pick my absolute favorite out of the lot, I would pick the dry shampoo! Even though I do love the Root Shoot Mousse and the Perfect Me BB Lotion, this is the perfect product for a lazy girl like me!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No Makeup Selfie challenge with Oppo F1s

I am an avid lover of Oppo Mobiles. I have been using Oppo F1Plus and have experienced Oppo F1 and A37 and about to experience the very new Oppo F1s! The new F1s is something I am very very excited about especially when I saw the whole Bollywood taking this selfie challenge using this phone! The no makeup selfie is also stunning with this phone, Oppo has brought a revolution in India with selfie cameras! Check them out yourself!

The phone has not only got the approval of the Bollywood, a lot of companies have also come forward to congratulate the brand!

 But as a blogger, I can tell you in all honesty, that Oppo does offer one of the best selfie camera feature and especially in an amazing price range! Stay tuned for a detailed review and comparison post of the new Oppo F1s!