Thursday, August 18, 2016

The New Era of Fashion

Comfort has finally made us all realise it's importance and the white sneakers trend that has taken the world by storm is a solid proof of the same. While I am no enemy to high heels, I absolutely love the power it has to take a regular outfit notches higher, straighten the body posture and give you the height your parents couldn't; it does not bode well for your feet. And how much can you hurt those body parts which helps you stand tall in front of the world? Innumerable times I have suffered the wrath of high heels if worn for more than a couple of hours. It takes a toll on your ability to stand! My mood shifts enormously and I get irritated and tensed easily. Sneakers and flat shoes in general have freed me to hours of fun and socialising without shifting my attention from what's really important: Enjoying life!

Fashion is important and there are formal occasions which absolutely demands the presence of heels. No denying, it boosts your confidence and helps you stand straight but till it is absolutely required, I am opting to say buh-bye to the sky-high pencil heels!

Praise thy sneakers!

VIN_2459 VIN_2460 VIN_2465 VIN_2454 VIN_2475
{Shorts/Tank Top - Forever 21, Jacket - Marks and Spencer, Choker - Aashima Behl, Ring/Shoes - H&M, Belt - Koovs}


Location - The Grand, New Delhi
Makeup - Supreet Dhillon
Photography: Vinay Singh Tomar