Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Pearl Story

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{Shirt Dress - Aashima Behl, Shoes - Zara, Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - Forever 21}

There are times when I wonder myself, how did I end up here! Being a science student, I could never have imagined being a full time blogger and a freelance stylist. Fashion meant as little to me as dieting means to a pizza lover. But surprisingly, I ended up making a living out of fashion. And it's not just me, I get this question a lot: How did I end up here?

My interest began when I started the blog but it was Pearl Academy that shaped it into reality. While studying business, I got interested in reading blogs, trend stories and latest news in fashion and before I knew it, I was blogging myself. For some reason, I kept it a secret from everyone, my family, my friends, everyone except for A whom you all know very well. When I decided to give the entrance of Pearl, I got suggestion from everyone to take tuitions to prepare for the entrance exams but I felt fashion is not something you learn, it is within you. And as far as studying and learning more about fashion and designing is concerned, isn't that why I am joining the college? As expected, I was right! Pearl entrance exams are to test your creativity, not your knowledge of the technical aspects of fashion. Moreover, the secret that I was keeping from everyone was exactly what got me through the interview with flying colors. In the moment, I decided to share the information about being a fashion blogger with the interview panel and they were elated to say the least! I remember how pleasantly surprised they were and welcomed me with open arms. 

Throughout the next two years of my Post Graduation in Fashion Design, the faculty supported me like no other. I met few of the most aspirational people in this academy and some of my best friends too. I still go upto my teachers if I see them (mostly during fashion weeks) and they always seem to remember me as the blogger and hopefully as an excellent student and meet me with open arms. Those two years shaped my career, added finesse to my work and made me the person that I am today. So proud to be a Pearl alumni! #IamPearl