Tuesday, November 29, 2016


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{Dress - Forever 21, Sweatshirt - H&M, Shoes - Call It Spring, Sunglasses - Patakha}

Once restricted to the gym-goers, the hoodie sweatshirt has risen to become a fashion staple in past couple of years. Everyone has one, be it the basic grey sweatshirt or a loud printed one. I myself love sweatshirts, I mean, who doesn't, right? My Fall staple look is leggings, long t-shirt and a hoodie with sneakers. Easy, quick and always looks stylish. Needless to say, I have collected over a dozen of sweatshirts by now but this long hoodie is by far my personal favorite. I love wearing dresses even during Fall and this hoodie has just the perfect amount of cool factor in it and it keeps you cozy, comfy and warm while still looking top notch on the style radar. I have turned several heads wearing this long hoodie and if you are into this style, go grab some from your favorite high street store! The one I am wearing is from H&M but I am pretty sure, all the stores must have similar styles!

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Forever 21 always have something great to offer plus this hoodie is just amazing and I love how beautifully you are dressed up. Great sense of fashion too.