Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Runaway Bride

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{T-shirt - Lacoste, Skirt & Jacket - Shasha Gaba, Earring as brooch - Pankaj Nidhi, Shoes - Reebok}

Do you ever get the feeling of just leaving everything and running away? Well, I do and not because my life is stressful or I don't like the life I have. I love my life, I consider myself very lucky and blessed, surrounded by the people I love and cherish. But there are times, when the monotonous life gets to me and I want to escape the city life and submerge myself in the beauty of nature somewhere in the hills or on an isolated beach. 
If you think about it, an average person's life consists of being born, studying in school, then college, then job, marriage, kids, grandkids, and the end. Especially in India, the mainstream careers being either a doctor or an engineer. I am lucky that my parents became the wind beneath my wings and whole-heartedly supported what I wanted to do professionally. But there are people who are still facing the issue of pursuing their passion due to the social stigma of a 9-5 job. People see this 9-5 job people as settled down and financially secure people while the freelance workers like us are seen as wasting our life away. Yes, being a freelance stylist and a full-time blogger is a busy life but there are days when I have no work and I am chilling at home and I get questions from my relatives that why am I not working, am I not getting enough job, etc etc. As much as I would like to tell them that I am a financially secure person, I do have savings and I do earn double the figure they do, I calm myself and just shrug the question away, sometimes out of respect but mostly because I don't think I need to explain anyone anything. As far as I am happy, that's all that matters. 
I wish more people could see that earning money is not the only goal in life. You are given this life once and it's not to please others, it's to enjoy and live it fully. Do what you love, have no regrets, travel, laugh and just ignore the society. If all of us focus on making ourselves happy first, the society will automatically change because the society is made from all of us.



Makiya Mubassir said...

you look fab in this top paired with long skirt..love your hair

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