Sunday, November 6, 2016

The smog

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{Skirt/Jumper/Accessories - H&M, Sunglasses - Missamore, Shoes - New Look}

After living in Delhi as an independent girl for over 8 years, I have developed a thick skin and nothing shocks me anymore. I have seen a lot of things and went through lots of experiences which taught me to be the person I am today. But, yesterday when I had to step out and drive to an event in Noida, I was left shocked! Shocked by the smog that has filled the city. It was 2pm and it looked like a cold early January morning except it's not cold, it's not January, it's not morning and it's not f**king fog! It's pollution! 

The one subject we younger generation haven't been enough bothered about because we couldn't see it and hence, never took it as an urgent and important issue has now taken the front sea and demands our attention immediately. I urge you all to please pay attention and do whatever it is you can to contribute to make the city a safer and pollution free place to live. I don't know what part you could play exactly but maybe by stopping firecrackers, smoking, doing car pooling, getting your car checked for pollution, etc we could make a teeny tiny small difference. You may think that what this little difference will do but remember, even the ocean is made of tiny drops of water. Every drop counts. 


Shilpa said...

Take care,.. stay safe,..

Vidya Gawas said...

Loved your style. awesome look. take care.