Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Colors

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{Skirt/Blazer/Shoes/Accessories - Forever 21, Top - Zara}

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 
For some reason Christmas is my favorite festival even when I am not Christian. The month long celebrations, the tradition, the colors, the gifts, the tree, every element of Christmas is festive and happy. I especially love the tradition of getting gifts for everyone and leaving them under the decorated tree the night before Christmas. The next morning, everyone must feel like it's their birthday. The same adrenaline rush when you rush to open your gifts! And the egg nog!

I am positive I will be embracing Christmas and all the traditions that comes with it soon and pass them on to my kids someday. I styled this look around the festive red color of Christmas that you can wear to office gatherings on Christmas eve. Simple and classy, and not too over the top!


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